Video Tutoriales

Templates y Workspace Presets en VDMX from hipnosia on Vimeo.

Cómo y para qué sirven los Templates en VDMX y cómo hacer un Template de un Workspace Preset y al revés, como pasar un Template a un Workspace Preset.
Enjoy !!!

Plugin Multiplexer (data source) para VDMX b8 from hipnosia on Vimeo.

Use this plugin for link any slider, button, pop-up, in a easy and quick mode with different data sources, LFO, Audioanálysis, Clock, Sequencer, etc .
You can download it from my blog here:

test KINtroler Quartz Composer from hipnosia on Vimeo.

Kintroller connect the Kinect sensor with Quartz Composer through OSC port. Also run:
• Syphon routing, • Auto-calibration, • Specify OSC output IP and Port in real time. • Send Blobs coordinate of all users inside the space,

GLSL Shader en Quartz Composer y VDMX (mouse control) from hipnosia on Vimeo.

Cómo utilizar código GLSL Shader en Quartz Composer y utilizar luego las composiciones en VDMX con
“Mouse Control” en la ventana del preview.
Puedes ver el tutorial completo aqui:
tnxs GLSL shader:

Quartz Composer Glitch from hipnosia on Vimeo.

I use in the Root a Clear, Rendering Destination Dimensions and Render in Image; inside of this 3 kinds of image: Generator Checkerboard, NI Perlin Noise and Movie Importer; also I use a Sprite and Clear by this is disable, creating the glitches.
+ info here:

sb_plugin_punchy v.0.4.1_ VDMX from hipnosia on Vimeo.

A way to use “sb_plugin_punchy v.0.4.1”, a plugin for users of VDMX made in Quartz Composer by Florian Grassl.
more info and download:
you can download the VDMX project here:

Quartz_Kinect_VDMX_LayerMask (via Syphon) from hipnosia on Vimeo.

You can use this composition in VDMX via Syphon and apply the Layer Mask fx.
It’s nesessary the plugin Synapse, qcOSC and Syphon. You can downloaded the file here:

Kinect, Quartz Composer + qcfx VDMX (via Syphon) from hipnosia on Vimeo.

I use a Quartz Composition with patches for Synapse-Kynect and via Syphon put it in VDMX to apply all sorts of effects.

You can download the file here:

VDMX, QC Y SYPHON (español) from hipnosia on Vimeo.

En la composición de ejemplo utilizo el plugin de 1024
ParticleWarfare. Tnxs

You can download the file here:


Tutorial VDMX 1ª Parte (Spanish) from hipnosia on Vimeo.

Tutorial VDMX 2ª parte (Spanish) from hipnosia on Vimeo.

music: Pablo Bolivar

Enyoy !!!!!


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